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July legal update: homemade hash oil and cyberbullying

A judge's gavel on top of legal paperwork.A grand total of 19 laws, some new and some modifications to previous laws, will become enforceable in Colorado this month in 2015.  Along with this collection of laws comes one that makes cyberbullying a real crime in the state.  Colorado is not the only state to bring this law into effect; in fact there are 3 dozen other states that have already made it a crime to bully others online.

Another highly-debated law is the one that now makes it illegal to create homemade hash oil — a substance made from marijuana plants.  While marijuana is legal in Colorado, creating home made hash oil is being clamped down on because of the dangers associated with making it.  Many explosions have been reported during the creation of hash oil because of the flammable and combustible materials that are sometimes used during the creation process.

Read more on the Denver Post.

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Last updated: 7th March 2017