About Us

Welcome to Opposition in Law, a place where I post my opinions and views relating to legal matters in the great state of Colorado.  I’m Jerry Jackson, and I’ve worked on the good side of the law for over 18 years now.

Education and Upbringing

Right from a young age my father instilled the belief in me that I would grow up to be a judge or a lawyer.  My favorite movies were always the ones where the good guys prevailed because of the smart legal team working the case.  It makes sense then that I would grow up to study law in Colorado and later become a lawyer myself.

I found the hours very long and tiresome, and it made having a family life nearly impossible, so I took an early retirement from my law firm and opened a small, private practice as a legal consultant.  I have found that lots of people’s problems can be solved in other ways that are usually less expensive than going to court, and now I help people find the right professional for their specific needs.

What this Website is About

This website exists to educate, to inform, and sometimes to entertain.  Everything you read here is strictly my own opinion, so I apologize in advance if something you read here is offensive; that was not my intention — probably.  I intend to publish insightful opinions on the current legal goings-on in our fair state, and to provide advice when and where I can.